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Flight Fashion Tips

Want to enter the #FlightFamFashion contest but not sure where to start? If you had a big pair of wings growing out of your upper back, just between and below your human arm shoulder blades, how would you get a shirt on? A jacket? (It gets cold at altitude!) And what about the cost? Don't worry, the Flight had to overcome the same problems! Here are some tips to help you get started on designing your own unique Icarus outfit.

NB: We highly recommend visiting a thrift store/op shop/second-hand shop to find clothes you can modify and experiment with. Look out for anything else that might come in useful, too!

When it’s warm, you could step into a strappy singlet and pull it up over your body and over your arms while the back sits underneath your wings. If singlets aren’t your thing, try cutting a big scoop in the back of a T shirt. However, these tend to be a little insecure when you’re flapping around, so the Flight have come up with their own garment called a ‘shirt-wrap’. Basically, take any long length of material, or even cut up a few existing T shirts and stitch them together, so that you have a long scarf-like piece of fabric. Maybe two, or more. Then experiment with different ways of wrapping it around your body, shoulders, neck, and wing-shoulders until you find the design that is most comfortable for you. Could be strapless, halter-neck, or cummerbund-inspired. Cut off the sleeves of a longer shirt and strap them on over top. Maybe you want to combine multiple ideas – slice or scoop out the back of a T shirt to go on over your wings, and then add a wrap around your abdomen to keep it all in place. You don’t want a fashion emergency at 3,000 feet!

As for warmer top layers, crop-tops are your friend! (You too, boys!) Try cutting off the bottom half of a sweater, or slitting it up the back and tying the ends together under your wings once you’ve pulled it on. High-waisted jackets also work well, as you can cut another scoop out of the back (from the bottom hem this time, rather than the collar). Look for ‘shrugs’ that you can pull on over your arms and shoulders.

It's not safe to leave things in your normal clothing pockets either, and extra purses/handbags aren't exactly aerodynamic ... the Flight overcome this problem by designing their own unique flight harnesses out of whatever belts and straps and pouches they can find. Criss-cross, shoulder holster, thigh straps … whatever works for you.

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You're going to need sturdy flight boots to protect your feet when landing, and to keep your legs warm while soaring through the air.

Any kind of trousers with good pockets (e.g. cargo pants) are extremely useful, but warm hard-wearing jeans are good too. You’re going to want close-fitting garments. If you want to make a fashion statement with a skirt, we recommend leggings as well.

Don't forget some good sporty glasses to protect your eyes from wind and bug-strike!

It’s all about striking a balance between looking good, and practicality. Bonus points for original ideas and solutions!


We can’t wait to see what you come up with!