How different is the new version of the series to the old version of Generation Icarus

The entire series was significantly rewritten once it was picked up by Steam Press. The main characters and the storyline in the first books (First Flight and Air Born) are generally similar, but from the second books (Second Chance and Take Flight) onwards the story increasingly diverges until the two endings are completely different.

Can I read some Generation Icarus books from the old version and some from the new series?

This is not recommended. If you have access to all four of the original self-published version (please see the Series History for full details) then please do enjoy them as a separate, complete series. But if you only have access to one or some of the old books, and then try to read the rest of the story from the industry-published, fully-redeveloped Steam Press series, it will not make sense. There are many completely different characters, plot lines, and plot twists, especially from Take Flight onwards. The books are not interchangeable. This is why they have new titles, to reflect the new story within.

Can I still buy copies of the old self-published series?

No. The original books of Generation Icarus are no longer available for purchase anywhere in the world, in any format. Very few paperback copies exist, so if you do have a set, you have a very rare prize!

What are the main differences between the old Generation Icarus and the new series?

Almost everything! However, the new series retains the spirit and concept of the original Generation Icarus that fans fell in love with, simply elevated to the next level with the expert guidance of the Steam Press and Eunoia Publishing team, as well as J L Pawley's own growth and development as a writer, something that can only come with time and experience (largely thanks to already writing the series once before, and figuring out what does/doesn't work for the story).

So what are the main similarities between the old Generation Icarus and the new series, then?

The main protagonists, the Flight, and the general overall concept of the books remain true to the spirit of the original versions. However, the Flight's characterisations and backstories have been developed in much greater depth, and their individual character arcs have been extended, strengthened, and in some cases redirected.

As for the two antagonist organisations, the Evolutionary Corporation and the Angelists, their names and core motivations remain similar but with new twists and hugely redeveloped contexts and actions.

There are some other familiar faces and names in the new series, but many of them have been redeveloped and their roles adjusted.

What age group is Generation Icarus appropriate for?

The series is aimed at young adults, and adults young at heart. The content of the books becomes progressively darker and more violent as the series progresses. In general, if you or your reader has enjoyed Harry Potter books 5-7 or The Hunger Games, then you/they will cope with the content of Generation Icarus.

Please note, the books do contain some swearing and sexual references.

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