The History of Generation Icarus

The journey from self-publishing to the international industry

The book titled Air Born, launched in New Zealand on 23 September 2017 by Steam Press, has had a long journey from first draft to the international stage. An earlier version of the book was self-published by the author under the title First Flight. It was this book that caught the eye of Eunoia Publishing, who contacted the author and offered her a publishing contract with their Steam Press imprint. Soon after, First Flight and its sequels, Second Chance, Third Time Lucky, and Final Stand (as well as the companion Icarus Origins novellas) were withdrawn from sale, and entered a substantial redevelopment process with the guidance of the Steam Press team. (NB: The books from each version of the series are not interchangeable. More info in the FAQ here.)

As the self-published editions were sold through Amazon's print-on-demand service, CreateSpace, the listings for these books were automatically copied to etailers across the world, and many of these listings still appear as 'available' on their websites. However, these sellers will not be able to fulfill any orders of these books as they simply do not exist! The few copies of the early Generation Icarus novels that were printed and sold are now extremely limited edition - if you find one, you have a rare prize!

So, if you see any of these Generation Icarus titles or covers, remember these represent an early incarnation of the story. They will contain some spoilers for the final, official editions that will be published by Steam Press and other companies around the world, but the major changes that have occurred during the redevelopment means these spoilers are very minor. Instead, enjoy the sneak peek into the series' history and the writing process!

In addition to the Amazon listings, the books were also available on Wattpad for some time, with their own Wattpad edition covers. There, collectively, they earned well over 1.5 millions reads.