Generation Icarus: Air Born

EXCERPT: Chapter 17 - The Flight

This time, I felt no hesitation. Opening my wings, I felt my ribs expand, and as I sucked in a deep breath of dry desert air, I began to run.

I jumped and flapped, and the powerful surge of energy that swirled through my body made me gasp and then laugh. For a moment, I was weightless, and then I swept my wings forward again. Stretching back with my legs, my flapping faltered as I spent too long hooking up my tail. But it clicked, my legs lifted, and I beat my wings again and again, as fast as I could, to regain the height I’d lost in those precious few seconds. My heart pumped my blood at top speed, making my head light and my body tremble with adrenaline. My chest and back already ached, but I pushed through the burn.

In a few moments, I was shooting toward the large ravine, a gaping crack in the rock that sliced off the end of the plateau.

As I entered empty space, I lifted one wing high and pressed the other down, trying to roll sideways. In those few seconds I stopped flapping, gently sailing in an uneven curve. I felt the centrifugal force pull my legs outwards. Looking down into the ravine I saw it was much deeper than I had realized. If my wings fail me now, I won’t survive the fall.

I flapped again, and shot back over the plateau, leaving the deadly drop behind in my dust.